Listing Marketing

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Just because a realtor has a website doesn’t mean that your property is being exposed to the buyer pool. Since 37% of buyers find their home on the internet.  You want to make sure that your home can be found. We have a large budget to aggressively market to pull buyers into our websites.  This broadens your chances of finding the right buyer for you.


We understand that only 2% of buyers find their homes via print advertising, however, we feel that it is important to advertise in print because many people on vacation will pick up the local paper and/or magazines.

Instead of the traditional “Call Us” advertising that most agents do in local newspapers and magazines, we employ technology in our ads to create buyer interaction.

Print Materials

We use multiple marketing avenues to increase the exposure of your home, and we use direct mail to reach out directly to off-market properties and find your dream home. 

We are constantly looking for new ways to get people interested in our homes and creating print materials such as flyers or booklets detailing the features of your home. This is an effective way to attract potential buyers.


Professional Photos and Video

Any one can take photos of your property.  However, professional photos are essential for the highest exposure of your property on the internet. In today’s real estate market, over 90% of buyers begin on the internet.  On the internet, first impressions matter. If your property does not sparkle, the buyer may not want to see it.

That is why we provide top quality professional photography to our listing clients.

Social Media

The internet has become a social melting pot that offers people and communities a platform to connect in a cyber world of social interaction. The Bartos Group has harnessed this new technology by creating presences on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter, allowing us to update our friend lists with new listings and updates. We are continually looking for new ways to reach perspective buyers through these social media networks.

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Email Marketing

The Bartos Group has thousands of buyers in our on-line database where we have recorded their buying preferences.  We send out an email blast to them once a month after we list your home. We see our virtual tour traffic increase significantly when we email, so we know they are looking at your home. We also use email to reach thousands of agents both locally and remotely to get the word out about your property.

Mega Open Houses

Our goal is to sell YOUR home.  With a mega open house, our goal is to get as many eyes on your home as soon as possible. To accomplish this, we do more than a regular open house: 

  1. We advertise the mega open house on social media 
  2. We Invite hundreds of your neighbors, if possible, for lunch and a preview.
  3. Publicize the open house on the internet in Zillow,, Trulia, and others.

With The Bartos Group approach, we maximize the exposure of your home. Of course, we only do an open house if you agree to have one.

Not sure where to begin?

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